Supporting Sales and Channel Development With Good Marketing Foundations


Fresh Start Marketing (now Cascade Group | Studio) worked with Solid State Group to develop a channel proposition and drive a more consistent and manageable approach to business development. Key materials and approaches were developed which support sales people and activities.


Solid State Group is a content management, web applications and services consultancy which was founded in 2002 out of a desire to provide solutions which were more time and costefficient. Leveraging the managing partners experience in the IT consulting, financial and marketing sectors, Solid State Group has built a strong reputation for robust products that can be rapidly and effectively implemented across a broad range of industry sectors including entertainment, public sector and finance sectors. we worked with Solid State Group to capitalise upon this success.


  • Develop marketing and sales strategy
  • Grow revenue from core product & associated plug-ins
  • Create channel offering and distribution model
  • Source clients that can be used as reference sites and allow the development of new products and/or plug-ins
  • Increase number of inbound sales enquiries
  • Develop ‘management information system’ as a marketable product
  • Productise other new developments and seek resale distribution


  • Reviewed company and product messaging and positioning
  • Developed a structured marketing plan with product development schedule and channel partner development.
  • Liaised with customers to develop full, detailed case studies.
  • Worked with sales team to prepare customer information packs.
  • Developed market factsheets to provide industry and need specific information.
  • Developed benefit specific splash-pages on website for use with Google adwords and Overture campaigns.
  • Set-up Content Management (ECM365) online exhibition to benchmark company against more expensive competitiors.
  • Developed brochure for new Management Information System offering.
  • Prepared award entries for new media competitions.
  • Organised seminar with an online media partner.


We worked closely with the directors of Solid State Group to develop a channel and product strategy with a carefully controlled roll-out. We then set about implementing this strategy which resulted in additional sales leads that could quickly and easily be handled using clear and direct materials. Once this was in place, activities were handed over to an in-house resource for maintenance and ongoing implementation by the sales team.

“Fresh Start Marketing provided us with an experienced consultant who helped us create a structured marketing plan and start delivering upon it. Having our ‘virtual marketing manager’ come to our offices on a regular basis allowed us to monitor activities, understand more about marketing and gain additional support when delivering on short-deadlines.”
Matthew Evans, Director, Solid State Group Ltd

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