PR Launch for New Haircare Brand


O3 (now O!zone Hair) is a new British haircare brand with innovative new electrical hairstyling products that needed to generate a buzz around its first product an ozone generating hair straightener and break into a crowded market place.  To do this is needed PR which would generate results quickly and in a way that linked results to the fee.  O3 chose Fresh Start Marketing (now Cascade Group | Studio) to do this and we proceeded to deliver above expectations with wide spread consumer, trade and national press coverage of an exceptionally high and positive nature.


O3 is a British haircare brand that was born out of a passion for hair and is the only haircare brand to focus exclusively on cutting edge ozone technology.  Launched in 2006, O3 products feature cutting edge professional quality hair technologies at a price that makes them ideal not only for use in salons but also for discerning customers to use at home.


  • Generate trade and consumer press coverage
  • Deliver a PR programme that guarantees value and results
  • Create a buzz about new brand
  • Keep distributors and retail prospects up to date on PR wins


  • Press releases developed with different styles to suit the trade and consumer media
  • Partnering with well known London salon Lockonego who do celebrity hair to add kudos to the brand
  • Consumer publishing house tour to meet with the beauty editors of all major UK women’s magazines
  • Product submitted for review
  • Competition placements
  • Fortnightly PR Highlights newsletter issued which featured published coverage and forthcoming placements.


Coverage always speaks for itself and here are some excerpts from the fantastic coverage O3 received.

“AWARD WIN! – The Best Electrical Beauty Product For Long Hair”

“WHY THEY ARE COOL: Colour treated hair is safe with these straighteners, as they lock colour molecules into the hair shaft. They also reduce static electricity on the hair, and, when used with a protein conditioner, they create an even smoother, shinier finish. They also straighten hair in a whole new way.”
COMPANY Magazine

“Ozone technology helps bond colour to your hair making it last longer.”
MORE Magazine

“Hair straighteners to match your I-pod: the new O3 ozone straighteners, turn a clunky eyesore into a covetable handbag must-have. Designed in sleek, lacquered white to match your I-pod, the irons aren’t just a pretty face. They use ozone technology to ensure hair dye doesn’t leach out, and they are super-light.”
GRAZIA Magazine

“Get sleek, stylish hair every day with O3 ozone hair straighteners. O3 is an all-white, pro-quality hair iron that combines ozone, ionic and ceramic technology to give sleek, shiny straight hair or tumbling curls. They can even ‘lock in’ your hair colour!”
SUNDAY Magazine

“A hot iron with a futuristic design.”

“It is perfect for those on the move.”

“Do you long for sleek, stylish hair everyday? Then your wish could come true! The innovative new British hair care brand has just launched O3 straighteners.”

“SLEEK AND SLICK: Don’t worry, straight hair is still in this year. So check this out. The O3 hair straightener, a 30mm hair iron which combines ozone, ionic and ceramic technology in a compact and stylish, 100% white design, allows you to create sleek, shiny hair at home.”

“If, like us, you suffer from hair anxiety, the brand new O3 hair straighteners could ease your conscience. Using ozone technology that actually bonds dye molecules to colour-treated hair, they protect and condition your locks.”
TOP SANTE Magazine

“This super-stylish hot iron is ideal for smoothing and taming troublesome tresses, creating sleek, straight and even curly styles in a few quick flicks of the wrist.”

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