PINoptic Takes Leadership Stance In Security Market Niche


PINoptic approached Fresh Start Marketing (now Cascade Group | Studio) when it was a pre-investment start up and we supported them in achieving an investment which could be used to fund technical development, business development and a full marketing programme.  With a tight start-up budget, we delivered upon the marketing strategy to generate sales interest and acquisition interest in the highly competitive security marketplace.


PINoptic applies its Visual Probabilistic One Time Password (VPOTP) next- generation software to high security authentication applications.  This delivers an easy to implement yet innovative, universal security solution with the strength required by even financial institutions. PINoptic maintains user simplicity through the use of pictures and symbols which appeals to a global market with differing literacy levels. Applications range from financial through to internet, mobile telecoms, corporate IT and access control. PINoptic’s vision is to become a defacto security standard and replace 99% of existing pin and password systems by 2012.


  • Review and define market(ing) approach
  • Create brand awareness in security market
  • Secure IP claim over US competitor
  • Generate sales
  • Generate interest from investors
  • Gain visibility amongst potential acquirers.


  • Full messaging review and creation of a messaging template to ensure all communications created by the management team and the sales team are ‘on-message’
  • Creation of a brand logo and strong brand identity
  • Creation of suite of product literature emphasising both the business benefits and the technical benefits of the PINoptic solution
  • Creation of a strong, easy to navigate website and internet presence optimised for search engines
  • Meetings with analysts and key journalists
  • Exhibiting at the Infosec show
  • Design and delivery of a re-usable modular exhibition stand and pull-up banners
  • Leverage of management industry expertise for conference presentations and speaker opportunities
  • Development of a viral online game based on the PINoptic solution which could also be used as a training solution with customers.
  • Development of industry expert white papers and use of these to generate PR interest and platforms.


PINoptic firstly met with key analyst groups including Ovum, Gartner and Javelin, gaining industry expert confirmation on the validity of their offering as a result. The development of excellent branding allowed them to presented themselves as a well-established company not a techie start-up which improved the market perception of not only product value but company value as well. Having attending the Infosec Exhibition with a stand graphically designed to allow easy explanation of the PINoptic solution and live demonstrations, PINoptic received good press coverage and reports as well as generating sales leads and acquisition interest from other companies in the security arena. Industry expert white papers led to an opportunity to present at the Security and Access Management conference in Las Vegas, allowing the company to take a lead position in their security industry niche.

“Fresh Start Marketing helped launch PINoptic onto the market from its previous stealth mode operation with a full suite of creatively designed materials which were of the highest quality and certainly brought us to the attention of the marketplace. I would certainly use their services to launch another company. A 5* service.”
Colin Allison, CEO, PINoptic

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