Partnership Marketing for Seventy-Thirty


With a target market consisting of millionaires and high-net worth individuals, exclusive matchmaking company Seventy-Thirty worked with Fresh Start Marketing (now Cascade Group | Studio) to create an appealing value proposition and partner programme which would reach the elusive and often secretive market of rich, single individuals.


Seventy-Thirty is an exclusive, international personal head-hunting and matchmaking service for affluent and successful men and women to meet compatible partners in a discreet and confidential manner.  The service was established by a psychotherapist, Susie Ambrose, who recognised a need for a one-to-one service which supported the affluent individual in finding a partner with whom they could connect on a deeper level and find true happiness by helping them recognise the patterns of past bad relationships.  Clients include millionaires, politicians, sports people, celebrities, business achievers and corporation leaders.


  • Initiate creative marketing campaign that does not rely on advertising spend
  • Set up mutually beneficial associations with related companies and brands
  • Generate sales leads
  • Support sales activities
  • Create consumer brand awareness
  • Work to a tight marketing budget


  • Development of value proposition and membership grades
  • Creation of Seventy-Thirty backgrounder and corporate information
  • Enhancement of website inc. search engine optimisation and copywriting
  • Development of a partnership proposition
  • Meeting with and arranging partnerships with brands such as Quintessentially and StyleBible
  • Consumer PR
  • Networking at prestigious events and locations
  • Development of a newsletter programme


Over the course of a short programme, Fresh Start Marketing delivered valueable sales support and helped establish the brand proposition of Seventy-Thirty. Partners have been used to add value to the Seventy-Thirty offering and promote Seventy-Thirty to their database.  With these tools and partnerships in place, Seventy-Thirty has been able to generate national and broadcast press coverage, has regular sales enquiries and converts over 25% of these leads into clients.

“Fresh Start Marketing was very supportive of Seventy-Thirty and we rapidly established a relationship that was built on trust and a sense of humour.  They worked with us in a professional and creative manner to establish our marketing objectives and the templates for success.”
Susie Ambrose, CEO, Seventy-Thirty

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