Exhibition Support for Shadowfax


Shadowfax International needed to present a more professional image to its domestic UK customers to secure vital orders and generate interest from overseas customers who would order by the container. By first reworking the basics a brochure and website; focusing on re-useable elements in the stand design for The Furniture Show exhibition including creating re-useable stencils and pop-up banner stands; and then creating a PR and direct mail campaign around the show, Fresh Start Marketing (now Cascade Group | Studio) helped Shadowfax International achieve its objectives and put in place the foundations for future marketing success.


Shadowfax International is renowned for its range of high-quality cane and rattan furniture which is handmade by master craftsmen in Indonesia to meet the exacting requirements and tastes of international customers. Each piece of cane furniture has been carefully created and, whilst we celebrate the individual colour markings that give cane and rattan their natural beauty and authenticity, cane suites are colour-matched to meet consumer requirements and expectations of a matching cane furniture set.


  • Create a more professional image for the Shadowfax brand
  • Provide a managed service to support the The Furniture Show exhibition
  • Maximise use of budget by creating re-useable stand design elements
  • Maximise exhibition presence through PR and direct mail


  • Initial consultancy and project marketing plan developed
  • Brochure redeveloped with professionally copywritten information and new photography
  • Website redeveloped with clear navigation, SEO and web-appropriate copy
  • Separate trade information leaflet created to allow main brochure to be used by retailers as POP
  • Managing all administration of the The Furniture Show in Birmingham, January 2007
  • Re-useable stand design, pop-ups and stencils created for ongoing use
  • Pre-show invitation designed and mailed out to customer and prospect database
  • PR placements in key publications
  • Show visitor database created through on stand data capture forms
  • Post-show follow-up letters and brochures distributed


The new brochure was deemed by customers to be a much more accurate reflection of the product range. The new trade information leaflet and stand design communicated the professionalism of the company. Vital information on competitor activities was gained by making visitors feel welcome on stand and new product line opportunities were identified. Of particular note was that existing customers and prospects came on to stand with their pre-show mailer specifically to see Shadowfax and expressed great pleasure at being able to see the high quality of Shadowfax products. Fresh orders were placed by existing customers for a greater range of products and the stand attracted interest and enquiries from bulk container buyers for overseas sales making sure Shadowfax received excellent return on their marketing investment.

“Fresh Start Marketing helped us to achieve a professional end-to-end marketing approach to The Furniture Show exhibition and create a branded stand design with reusable elements all on a limited budget.”
Barry Gilbert, Managing Director, Shadowfax International Ltd

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