Driving Investor, Trade and Consumer Awareness For New Spirits Brand


As a new entrant into the competitive spirits market, Blue Planet Spirits needed a fast-track, experienced marketing team to establish brand presence and brand awareness for itself and its first imported product – Dovgan Genuine Russian Vodka. Fresh Start Marketing (now Cascade Group | Studio) provided this team which was also able provide valuable marketing opportunities for Blue Planet customers and an additional point of difference for the company.


Blue Planet Spirits Ltd is a UK based importer and distributor of authentic alcoholic beverages that was established in 2004. The spirits market in the UK has to date been dominated by a couple of very large companies with huge marketing budgets which has meant the spirits on offer to consumers have offered more style than substance. With the growing cocktail culture and market for entertaining at home, there is an emerging market of consumers that want to enjoy high-quality, authentic liquids that they can enjoy whilst out in bars and restaurants or at home with friends. Blue Planet Spirits was established to provide these premium, authentic products. They scour the globe looking for products that deliver on taste at a reasonable price and focus on providing innovative marketing support to its customers.


  • Develop marketing strategy and plan
  • Deliver sales leads and opportunities to sell
  • Support sales team activities
  • Create consumer brand awareness
  • Work to a tight marketing budget for industry awards.
  • Newsletter to communicate with trade customers.


In 2005, Blue Planet Spirits launched its flagship product: Dovgan Genuine Russian vodka with great alcohol industry accolades and initial listings in bars, restaurants and clubs in London. Testimonials from key opinion formers and trade press coverage were received upon launch and consumer press coverage quickly followed. The sales team were fully prepared and able to offer customer value over and above that of a quality product at an excellent price with local marketing and promotional opportunities.

“Blue Planet Spirits used Fresh Start Marketing to co-ordinate all PR, design, photography and other marketing. By doing this we not only enjoyed the benefits of an efficient, organised, knowledgeable, hard working and enthusiastic team but were able to add value to our customers. The work done for us has developed a great foundation for the company to work from has been invaluable.”
Matthew Barnett, Managing Director, Blue Planet Spirits Ltd

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